Keeping the intimacy associated with urine a clean practice can sometimes be difficult. But the innovations in the synthetic market have brought a new standard of hygiene and substitute products to the adult market. Whizzinators.com brings you a clean experience with urine that can enhance satisfaction and give you an experience of unparalleled stimulation. Adult solution alternatives are crucial for keeping things intersting in the department of intimacy. Whizzinators brings fun back into this world by providing high quality synthetic urine for use in all of your intimacy needs. This new clean substance is extremely realistic. For those seasoned in play of this kind, there will be nothing lost in the experience! High levels of scrutiny and meticulous manufacturing processes go into all the products that Whizzinators.com makes available. In addition to this amazing new synthetic urine product, Whizzinators has a huge number of related adult toys and fetish products to provide you with a shopping outlet online that is convenient. All of your fetish gameplay items can be found in one place! They ship their items discreetly and directly at prices that cannot be found anywhere else on the web.
Quick Fix Synthetic urine comes in both two and three ounce supplies and works with all of Whizzinators products and toys. The realistic quality of play with your partner will be exact. This product is bacteria free and developed with specific levels of creatine and ph levels in mind. It mimics urine in every way possible and has a shelf life of up to two years! Simply heating it in a conventional microwave for ten seconds will give you hours of 98 degree synthetic urine for your enjoyment.
Lil Whizz Kits are also available at Whizzinators.com. These kits come with everything needed to begin the intimate fun. Heat pads, syringes, and vinyl patches give you everything required to replicate the ultimate in adult sensual experiences. Kits such as these are the only sterile and refillable product of its kind on the market today! Deluxe whizzinator kits have adult toys that feature ultra life like skin tones for play that is satisfying beyond measure. Prosthetic Strap-ons work just like jock straps for easy use and the actual operation of the device is simple. The Whizzinator Touch is the latest in the innovative prosthetics Whizzinators has to offer. By squeezing the heard of the device, the flow of the synthetic urine is released. This whizzinator product can be filled with any liquid you desire. The pressure release valve is a vast improvement over older models that operated based on flipping a switch at the base of the prosthetic. The switch is still included in newer designs as a safety, similar to those present on firearms. Whizzinator has placed itself well above the competition by bringing such innovative and competitively priced products into the adult market. Get online today to begin exploring the intimate possibilities!

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