So you have used your new whizzinator touch and it is now time for whizzinator refills. Most synthetic urine devices do not come with easy reliable solutions when it comes to re using your prosthetic penis better known as a whizzinator. With many options out there as far as pre mixed urine it can get real pricey if you have to use your whizzinator a few times a year. After launching our site we promised not to take people to the cleaners when offering  simple whizzinator refills. There are a few good pointers to emphasize on when talking about synthetic urine, dehydrated urine is one of the best urines for two reasons, it is not prone to growing any bacteris like the liquid form and it can literly be stored anywhere. Dehydrated urine is normal human pee dehydrated down to a powder form, This method of dehydration ensures that your urine sample has proper PH,color,uric acid and specific gravity to ensure you have fun results in the bedroom.

Whizzinators.com is proud to offer whizzinator refills for any and all devices including the refillable whizz female urine kit. Dehydrated urine vials will give the user 4 oz a clean human urine to inject inside their bag connected to the urination device. Starting a $16.95 a unit this dehydrated kit can be picked direct on our site with overnight shipping options available accross the US. If you decide you do not want a powdered urine kit you can also pick up a premixed bottle of Quick Fix 6.1 starting at $25.99 which is a ready pour and go pre mixed synthetic urine that is complete with biocides which does not allow any bacteria to accumulate when exposed to air.

Whatever you decide to use when looking for  whizzinator refills be smart and buy direct from the industry professionals and get a kit that is guaranteed to work with years of clinical research to back it. Currently we offer 5 colors on the whizzinator touch line, white,tan,Latino,brown and black to match and human race pigment to a tee. When using your fake urine kit please play responsibility have fun and whizz away!

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