Quick Fix urine for women is it available? There are times when a urine sample has to be collected for a number of reasons. Some people also use urine collection for pleasure.  Some people also use urine for the purpose of playing practical jokes on others people. When giving urine for whatever reason it is important that the sample be clean. There is quick fix urine for women to help with these situations. This urine is synthetic urine and cannot be told apart for true human urine. This urine is unisex meaning it does not contain hormones so it can be used either by a man or a woman. Quick fix synthetic urine has a shelf life of two years so it can be used whenever a person feels the time is right.


Quick fix synthetic urine is the number one selling brand of synthetic urine in the United States.  It is compatible with all synthetic female urine dispensing devices. Quick Fix urine for womens can be purchased from two sources www.quickfixsynthetic.com and www.whizzinators.com. Quick fix urine products come with a guarantee that they will e one hundred percent successful or the customer will receive their money back.  This urine product can come in single packs or in packs of ten. Each packet of synthetic urine is individually wrapped. This fake urine has been researched for a number of years to match the characteristics of real urine. When purchasing a Quick fix kit the user will receive two ounces of fake urine.  They will also get a squeeze bottle for transporting the urine and sorting it on the body. The kit includes a temperature strip, a heating pad to make sure the urine can reach body temperature, and complete instructions for how to use this product successfully. Quick fix urine does not have any added bacteria of chemicals like some synthetic urine contains. There are individual Quick Fix urine packets that are for single time use.  This urine is made with the same ph balance, specific gravity, and color of real urine. The urine needs to be heat up briefly in the microwave. Once the urine is slight warm a heating pad is applied to the bottle and the urine is strapped in place on the body. There are many straps that can be used by woman that will not show through their clothing. No one will know that a woman has fake urine strapped to her. This synthetic urine will stay at body temperature for up to seven hours. For those looking for a large quality of fake urine Quick Fix can be purchased in packs of ten. Each bottle or packet of urine contain four ounces which is more then enough for common uses.

For those looking to be creative with fake urine it can be purchased in what is known as whizz kits. These kits include not only fake urine but all the supplies to bring it to body temperate and keep it strapped to the body. Many of these kits can be refilled at a later time for additional use. Some of the items in these kits include a band to strap a pouch of fake urine around a person’s waist.  The strap can fit a waist is up to fifty four inches. If a person needs some extra room extensions can be purchased. There are also vinyl pouches that come preloaded with four ounces of fake urine.  The shelf life of the urine in these kits is up to one year. A man or woman never knows when clean urine may be needed. Quick fix fake urine and these kits can help a person be clean every time. Please use fake urine responsibly.