whizzinator reviews


So we have all been in the situation in which our urine fetish is quickly approaching and we are pulling out hair out surfing on line reviews and forums trying to figure out what exactly is the best product for my current situation.Now a lot of thing come into play when we talk about drug testing as a broad topic but lets keep in mind everyone is different and so is there sexual levels.For many of us making sure we please our partner can be the most nerve racking situation we will ever face so with that said lets cut to the chase.Many couples male and female  have no idea what their partner or lover  will be ready to enjoy the whizzinator touch fetish so they must do there research and find a product that is affordable and accurate and if you have done your research right it has led you to one product the whizzinator touch.The whizzinator is the product everyone has been yelping about for years now a prosthetic penis that comes in 5 different colors with life like skin tones that leaves even the most realistic golden shower experience completly undetectable.


So why has the whizzinator touch got such high reviews?

The whizzinator was first introduced to the US market back in 2002 puck technologies maker of the whizzinator at the time brought this miracle synthetic urine delivery system to life.Soon after the original whizzinator was introduced it caught the attention of major forums on line such as marijuana.com and high times as people boasted of it’s success.Shortly after this product gained national attention the bad news would soon follow,the federal government had passed down a five count enditement to the owners of puck technologies makers of the famous whizzinator.The federal district court of Pennsylvania claimed the makers of the synthetic urine delivery system was in violation of numerous federal laws by delivering a device and marketing it’s purpose to cheat and beat a drug test which is unlawful.We on the other hand are not in that business and do not condone drug usage simply a clean urine experience for you and your partner.

So why is the whizzinator still available?

After the lengthy trial that last over 18 months the whizzinators fate seemed inevitable the product that helped many American enjoy there sex life and pass there drug screen would no longer be available.Soon after the dust settled a company named ALS took over production of the famous whizzinator and started producing the product for novelty use only making it the ultimate adult fetish item.The new whizzinator touch is back and better than ever,it’s delivery system is silent,fun and effective.The new versions come with 4oz of pure human like synthetic urine and the new touch activating system which allows you to control the urine flow by a simple pinch to allow the flow and a let go to make it stop.

Can the whizzinator be shipped everywhere?

The urine delivery kit can be shipped any where since it’s sold only for the purpose of novelty use this means any time you use the original whizzinator you must follow all local state and federal laws and use the kit responsibly.It might be best to talk to your local head shops to see if they carry refills of Quick Fix synthetic urine just in case you must need to reuse your kit in the future.What ever your situation might be understand there are options out there and some work better than others but if you do your research you will get pointed in the right direction the same way you found this article.


The only product that realistically provides an alternative for the fetish that is golden showers is the Whizzinator. This prosthetic penis that straps on to the user looks and feels just like the real thing. The fake urine that it comes with is also very realistic, especially when it is heated with the heating pads that are provided in the kit. Also, the new feature of their product the Whizzinator touch is a very nice addition. Instead of the old method this product allows the stream to flow out of the penis when the penis head is squeezed from top to bottom. Basically this is the greatest option for anyone looking to satisfy this need.

The Whizzinator is much easier to use than it seems. Once it is strapped on and the urine pouch is attached all it takes is a squeeze at the head of the penis. This way of using the product produces the most realistic results and it is consistently effective. The flow of the urine is completely dependent on the squeezing and it will not come out randomly. It is easy to tell that this product is very well made and will last for many uses. It is a good thing that they allow their customers to buy extra urine pouches because they will need them.

There is no other rival that comes close to the excellent quality of the Whizzinator. This is the only product that will be consistent with it’s performance and also last a long time. Also, all the extra pieces in the kit are very useful. The strap on feels very secure and the system it uses is smart and does not inhibit movement. The pouch of urine is well made and to refill it all is needed is the syringe that is already provided. This process is easy and simple. The heating pads are the most amazing addition to this kit. These are meant to be left on one side of the pouch while in use and before use. They will heat the urine pouch up to realistic temperatures so it is not uncomfortable and it feels like the real thing.

For the amount of product that is given and the quality that it is at the price is fantastic. No other product in this market can even compare. Also, I found that the shipping is fast which means that this company truly cares about it’s clients.

To satisfy the certain needs of people who are into golden showers, the Whizzinator is the only option that works. Their service that provides alternative adult options is fantastic and they have developed their products to new heights. I am extremely impressed with their service and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested. I’m sure they will also be impressed.