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Sometimes there are times in life and certain situations where a person may need fake urine for women.  Whether it is to fufill a fetish experience, or to use for other prank type reasons, there are many different ways to use fake urine.  For the sake of the agruement we are going to stick to the romantic side, and talk about using synthetic to fulfill whatever romantic experience you crave.

www.whizzinators.com is the only place you are going to get the best and new synthetic toys designed for using fake urine.  These toys are for adult solutions and they are directly from ALS.

The whizzinator has become famous with it’s touch synthetic urine package.  It is the world’s first and only prostectic fake urine delivery system.  We take pride in being able to provide fake urine for women.   We are proud that we have the ability to develop and create female synthetic urine items such as the whizz it, lil whiz kits, and our most popular the Quick Fix synthetic urine that helps make adult intimacy with your partner clean, sensual, and fun.

All of the products that customers purchase from our website are manufactured and inspected to the highest degree to make sure that any products that you purchase from our brand will provide you with a one of kind experience that is pure realistic and clean.

Here at our website we specialize in finding and developing the highest quality synthetic fake urine for women.  We also specialize in marketing and developing adult sex toys and other fetish related items directly to the consumer at unbeatable prices.  When you come to our site, you will quickly realize this is the one stop shop for all of your adult needs.  We have very affordable and overnight prices to help you stay in your budget and we have upfront pricing on all of our adult items.

Our most popular product is the quick fix urine package.  Our quick fix synthetic urine kit works well with all of our whizzinator toys.  Our quick fix synthetic urine has been created with the correct level of ph, specific gravity, creatine, and color to make sure your urine experience is exact and looks just like real urine.

Our quick fix fake human urine is in a 2 oz bottle and has a 2 year shelf life and is extremely easy to use.  When you decide to use real urine, you have to deal with elements like bacteria and things of that nature.  But with the quick fix synthetic urine you can copy the look of real urine and provie a cleaner way to enjoy intimacy with your partner.  All you have to do is put in the microwave for 10 seconds, activate the heating pad, and now you have realistic lookin urine for 7 hours at a 98 degree temperature.  If you are looking for synthetic urine you are in the perfect place.

We have just shared and interesting information about fake urine, we hope this helps anybody seeking information about this subject.


With synthetic urine requirements on the rise female synthetic urine has become very important,I mean come on not only males require fake pee. Quick Fix 6.1 is the first and only complete synthetic urine in the current market that addresses the demand for both parties that will need to deliver a clean human like experience.Female urine kits come in three different forms the most popular being urineluck’s brand Quick Fix and the all new urine delivery system belts produced by whizzinators.The evident advantage of the whizz kit http://whizzinators.com/product/the-whizz-kit and lil whizz kit https://www.whizzinators.com/product/lil-whizz-kit is the fact that it can be wraped around your body and worn all day where as the fake urine such as Quick Fix must be placed on the body somewhere creative.

One of the nice features of the female synthetic urine kit such as the whizz kit and little whizz is that it comes standard with a 14 month shelf life and it can be heated and reheated multiple time without compromising the precise specs of the fake novelty urine.Whizzinators.com is the first site to provide both male and female pee kits that are fun effective and affordable.When choosing looking to buy a synthetic urine sample keep in mind it’s intended use and ask your self when do you really plan on using it with your partner or prank.

Urine belts such as the whizz kit and little whizz kit are the newest line out for females as they offer a small tube which feeds off the urine bag which allows the user to cut it to size so if you want a small tube that can be pulled out of ones zipper you simply trim it down but if you want the full length urine tube you can simply leave it as factor stock.Another feature which sets the whizz kit apart from the lil whizz kit is the ability to refill for future use,simply purchase some extra synthetic urine and the whizz kit can be refilled in minutes why the lil whizz kit is simply a onr time clean urine use.

With so many options for males to buy synthetic urine we have given female users 2 options to join in the fun so with 200% confidence behind every kit we sell pick up an adjustable whizz kit which works for females users in any circumstance.

WHIZZ KIT $42.95


Are you looking for some whizz? It is a peculiar day in a person’s life when they are looking for some whizz. That said, the truly hilarious thing is that a person can lose their job because of whizz. This is why it is so important to go to www.whizzinators.com immediately and purchase some clean whizz.

If you are on the market looking for some clean synthetic urine that can help you ensure a clean human like urine experience, then these are people who can hook you up with 4oz of human grade synthetic urine that will do the trick everytime.

Getting Something That Is Priceless

The true question is, What is peace of mind worth to you? because when you buy synthetic urine you will have peace of mind knowing that you will be able to please your partner. The best part about www.whizzinators.com is that it is like they signed a peace treaty with your wallet beforehand. You will feel like you hardly paid anything. Besides that, buying this whizz is a good investment because it ensures you can use the synthetic urine belt in the bedroom as many times as needed without having to keep buying urine delivery kits.

Four Different Products Available

The best part about www.whizzinators.com is that they offer you four different whizz products to purchase. This truly gives you the options to choose what you want. For example, if you will only need a small bottle to start playing around, then you could buy a 2oz bottle. However, if you continue to keep using the kit for years to come, then buying The Whizzinator Kit would not be an unreasonable purchase.

The Economy

We live in a world where the economy is not that great. That means that good pricing on synthetic urine kits are not always that easy to come by, so when it comes to a clean urine session your kit is ready. It is a peculiar day in a person’s life when they have to buy whizz, but if you think about it, it is an even more peculiar day in a person’s life when they jump on line and buy that whizz kit and use it with their partner for a sexual spark in their relationship.

Quick Fix To A Serious Problem

If you are looking for a quick fix to a problem, then going to www.whizzinators.com is one way to fix that problem. They offer synthetic urine that is warm,pure and clean and have quick approval from your partner.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

The owners of this company are so positive that you will like their product that they are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Companies do not give a guarantee like that unless they are sure that their product is 100% going to work.

The Ultimate Clean Urine Experience!

If you are looking for clean urine to help you with your sexual problem, then look no further. The Whizzinators are offering you the chance for the ultimate clean urine experience. There is nothing better than having a urine belt that can be used many times with your partner with no chance of you getting sick or having a smelly mess in the bedroom.

If you are looking for a company who is offering whizz products, then you should seriously consider The Whizzinators. Don’t worry, they do not charge the whizz out of you.



Keeping the intimacy associated with urine a clean practice can sometimes be difficult. But the innovations in the synthetic market have brought a new standard of hygiene and substitute products to the adult market. Whizzinators.com brings you a clean experience with urine that can enhance satisfaction and give you an experience of unparalleled stimulation. Adult solution alternatives are crucial for keeping things intersting in the department of intimacy. Whizzinators brings fun back into this world by providing high quality synthetic urine for use in all of your intimacy needs. This new clean substance is extremely realistic. For those seasoned in play of this kind, there will be nothing lost in the experience! High levels of scrutiny and meticulous manufacturing processes go into all the products that Whizzinators.com makes available. In addition to this amazing new synthetic urine product, Whizzinators has a huge number of related adult toys and fetish products to provide you with a shopping outlet online that is convenient. All of your fetish gameplay items can be found in one place! They ship their items discreetly and directly at prices that cannot be found anywhere else on the web.
Quick Fix Synthetic urine comes in both two and three ounce supplies and works with all of Whizzinators products and toys. The realistic quality of play with your partner will be exact. This product is bacteria free and developed with specific levels of creatine and ph levels in mind. It mimics urine in every way possible and has a shelf life of up to two years! Simply heating it in a conventional microwave for ten seconds will give you hours of 98 degree synthetic urine for your enjoyment.
Lil Whizz Kits are also available at Whizzinators.com. These kits come with everything needed to begin the intimate fun. Heat pads, syringes, and vinyl patches give you everything required to replicate the ultimate in adult sensual experiences. Kits such as these are the only sterile and refillable product of its kind on the market today! Deluxe whizzinator kits have adult toys that feature ultra life like skin tones for play that is satisfying beyond measure. Prosthetic Strap-ons work just like jock straps for easy use and the actual operation of the device is simple. The Whizzinator Touch is the latest in the innovative prosthetics Whizzinators has to offer. By squeezing the heard of the device, the flow of the synthetic urine is released. This whizzinator product can be filled with any liquid you desire. The pressure release valve is a vast improvement over older models that operated based on flipping a switch at the base of the prosthetic. The switch is still included in newer designs as a safety, similar to those present on firearms. Whizzinator has placed itself well above the competition by bringing such innovative and competitively priced products into the adult market. Get online today to begin exploring the intimate possibilities!