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The Whizzinator is much easier to use than it seems. Once it is strapped on and the urine pouch is attached all it takes is a squeeze at the head of the penis. This way of using the product produces the most realistic results and it is consistently effective. The flow of the urine is completely dependent on the squeezing and it will not come out randomly. It is easy to tell that this product is very well made and will last for many uses. It is a good thing that they allow their customers to buy extra urine pouches because they will need them.

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For the amount of product that is given and the quality that it is at the price is fantastic. No other product in this market can even compare. Also, I found that the shipping is fast which means that this company truly cares about it’s clients.

To satisfy the certain needs of people who are into golden showers, the Whizzinator is the only option that works. Their service that provides alternative adult options is fantastic and they have developed their products to new heights. I am extremely impressed with their service and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested. I’m sure they will also be impressed.