What a seriously interesting invention. There have been many studies regarding the whizzinators ability to deliver a clean human like experience and if you are into a kinky fetish like most of America this fake urine belt will do the  job. The whizzinators was invented to help everyday people who engage in sexual activity and common pranks ensure they have a fun clean urine experience that is very realistic. It is causing quite a stir in congress and receiving free advertisement this way.

Ouick fix synthetic urine works well with all whizzinator novelty kits. Qiuck fix is made with the exact ph, creatine, color, urea, magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and much more. It uses the specific gravity of real urine to ensure the proper balance and delivery of a normal urine flow.

Here is how the whizzinator works, It was designed to work as an easy to conceal urinating device that comes with a heating device that maintains body temperature, a clean synthetic dehydrated urine sample, four heat packets, a temperature indicator, syringe, and the prosthetic itself. The prosthetic is shaped like a real man’s penis and it also has the feeling and look of real skin. It can be worn for hours as a strap on until the time comes for you to get kinky and use it. When it is put to the real test, so that you  and your partner can a clean pure human like experience without the chance of any bacteria or harm. It is designed to be worn comfortably as an undergarment.

This device was also made to accurately mimic the flow or urine through it’s unique design. To use the whizzinators you must pinch the top of the prosthetic to prevent the flow as you open the flow chamber, then with the other hand you open the clip valve. It is suggested that you practice to ensure that your flow is perfect.

The whizzinnator has been proven effective. The whizzinnator can hold up to four ounces however, it is recommended that you only fill it to one hundred and thirty ml as a safety precaution.For best results it is advised that you follow the instructions precisely before use and familiarize yourself with the procedure. The device is one of the most innovative ideas of the twentieth century and is under many discussions on the floor of the congress.The best part about the whizzinator touch novelty kit is that a clean urine experience is delivered in the most realistic fashion.Another great use for the fake pee delivery system is pranks you can pee on someone in their sleep with no chance of harm and it has been proven to do the job it was designed to do along with quick fix.