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Sometimes there are times in life and certain situations where a person may need fake urine for women.  Whether it is to fufill a fetish experience, or to use for other prank type reasons, there are many different ways to use fake urine.  For the sake of the agruement we are going to stick to the romantic side, and talk about using synthetic to fulfill whatever romantic experience you crave.

www.whizzinators.com is the only place you are going to get the best and new synthetic toys designed for using fake urine.  These toys are for adult solutions and they are directly from ALS.

The whizzinator has become famous with it’s touch synthetic urine package.  It is the world’s first and only prostectic fake urine delivery system.  We take pride in being able to provide fake urine for women.   We are proud that we have the ability to develop and create female synthetic urine items such as the whizz it, lil whiz kits, and our most popular the Quick Fix synthetic urine that helps make adult intimacy with your partner clean, sensual, and fun.

All of the products that customers purchase from our website are manufactured and inspected to the highest degree to make sure that any products that you purchase from our brand will provide you with a one of kind experience that is pure realistic and clean.

Here at our website we specialize in finding and developing the highest quality synthetic fake urine for women.  We also specialize in marketing and developing adult sex toys and other fetish related items directly to the consumer at unbeatable prices.  When you come to our site, you will quickly realize this is the one stop shop for all of your adult needs.  We have very affordable and overnight prices to help you stay in your budget and we have upfront pricing on all of our adult items.

Our most popular product is the quick fix urine package.  Our quick fix synthetic urine kit works well with all of our whizzinator toys.  Our quick fix synthetic urine has been created with the correct level of ph, specific gravity, creatine, and color to make sure your urine experience is exact and looks just like real urine.

Our quick fix fake human urine is in a 2 oz bottle and has a 2 year shelf life and is extremely easy to use.  When you decide to use real urine, you have to deal with elements like bacteria and things of that nature.  But with the quick fix synthetic urine you can copy the look of real urine and provie a cleaner way to enjoy intimacy with your partner.  All you have to do is put in the microwave for 10 seconds, activate the heating pad, and now you have realistic lookin urine for 7 hours at a 98 degree temperature.  If you are looking for synthetic urine you are in the perfect place.

We have just shared and interesting information about fake urine, we hope this helps anybody seeking information about this subject.



In a world where sexual freedom is paramount to happiness, making sure you and your partner’s bedroom experience is fun, stress-free and safe can help you achieve just that! The  female Whizzinator line of products enhances your play time by making your fetish clean and on-demand, for both males and females.

Developed since 2002, the Whizzinator reached the Touch generation in its constant search for a realistic and smooth sex fantasy. When you don’t know when you’ll get to play or your partner will be in the mood for sexy watersports, it’s good to get your mind off the performance pressure and just be sure you have a clean source of urine available.

The Synthetic Urine included in the kits or sold in several option packs mimics the look and feel of urine, by copying its color, consistency, foam and gravity. It is even balanced to the exact level of ph and creatine as real, human urine and can be heated up to 7 or 8 hours to 98 degrees, a normal internal temperature of the human body. It can’t be any more life-like while still being absolutely clean.

Why is it so much safer? Regular urine contains bacteria, unlike this Synthetic Urine which protects you and your partner’s health and cleanliness. No less important, this option removes any of the displeasing aspects of this particular kind of play – imagine all the realism of the experience without any odor or messy cleanup afterward! Even the most reluctant partner to try out golden showers will put no objection to a synthetic option.

The female whizzinator now allows women to join in on the fun realistically! Doing away with the male prosthetic limb, they feature a cotton waistband with a Velcro strap, a breathable material sure to be kind to delicate skin. The band is very discreet when in use, fitting even under her sexiest bedroom ensembles, but undetectable under outer clothing so you can be ready for anytime sex play! Plus, it can be worn anywhere on the body and fitted with extenders for extra flexibility. It holds a vinyl pouch with a Velcro strip that can be filled with over 3oz of Golden Shower Synthetic Urine. You can use the included syringe to refill the pouch whenever needed – the liquid lasts a year unopened and 24 hours after it’s been exposed to air, so in stocking up, the user can even be ready for surprise uses. The original, high quality synthetic urine is recommended for best results but you can fill the bag with any liquid you wish, making this kit even more valuable over time. Keeping the liquid warm to body temperature is easy with the two included heating pads that heighten the realistic and comfortable feel of the Whizz Kit.

The Whizzinator kit with the male prosthetic was already a bundle that paid for itself many times over, but now the female kits are even more economic, since they keep only the essentials for female urination. There is even an incredibly affordable option for a single use Lil’Whizz Kit with its cotton waistband, vinyl pouch prefilled with synthetic urine with a temperature strip and heating pad; but for costumers intending on using it more than once overtime will save even more with The Whizz Kit, whose synthetic urine lasts up to a year unopened.

In sum, women now can enjoy a comfortable Whizzinator kit made just for their needs. It’s ready and easy to use anytime you want a fun, intimate experience with your partner without performance pressure or messiness!