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Female urine reviews on the web are hard to find, Men typically post their experience with a product but females often have a hard time finding fake urine that they can use. Males have the whizzinator device and fake urine that is designed for use for them. Companies have recently taken notice to the females market and have designed a synthetic urine that they can use as well. Quick Fix 6.1 is synthetic urine that can be used for women.
Women may want to use synthetic urine for a number of different  reasons. Fake urine can be funny when playing a prank on someone. Fake urine can also be used for several sexual reasons. The site www.quickfixsynthetic.com sell Quick Fix 6.1 and also provides information on this product. After reading about Quick Fix for women is seems this product really workers.
The Quick Fix 6.1 urine was designed in a lab. It was tested and retested until it resembled human urine perfectly. A person cannot tell the difference between this synthetic  urine and the real thing. This urine has the same ph balance as real human urine does. It also has the proper creatinine level that the female body would product in urine. The synthetic urine even has the same weight as real urine. The specific gravity levels are the same. When a person wants to use their product they do not have to drink a lot of water and wait a specific amount of time like other products require. Even labs will not be able to tell the difference between this urine and real female urine. Quick Fix can be prepared for use in as little as fifteen seconds. While it does work with the whizzinator it works alone or in devices that females are able to use as well.
Quick Fix 6.1 can help a women pass a lab test that requires a urine sample. These lab tests are not always accurate so it is important that a person has a way to protect themselves. There are many jobs that require a lab screening prior to employment so the results of the test are very important.  If a woman is around someone who smokes or has experimented with toxins in the past, they can fail the test. Certain foods can also alter the test results and give a false positive. Using Quick Fix can help a person feel confident that they are safe since this urine has been proven to pass urine screenings. This urine can also help a woman hide  certain medication information from her employer. If a woman is pregnant it can show up on a  test. The women should be able to tell her boss she is ready and not because it showed up on a nicotine screening.
Quick Fix cannot be told apart from real human urine. When a person orders the urine it will be shipped in an unmarked package so no one has to know what it is. There are options for free shipping and the urine will be shipped quickly. When having to pass a lab screen Quick Fix can give a woman confidence knowing that she will have a guaranteed solution. By visiting our site you can read and shop with confidence and we will post all female urine reviews on our blog.



Female Synthetic Urine A Better Way To Play

Are you one of the many people who love a warm wet golden shower but hate the smell that lingers for days sometimes afterwards or are you concerned with the safety of your favorite water sport? There’s an easy way to eliminate those worries so that you and your partner can have a much better sexual experience and concentrate on the secret games that you enjoy playing with each other. It’s called “female synthetic urine” and it works just like real female urine only better, safer, and cleaner.

Three Good Reasons To Use Synthetic Urine

The new and improved female synthetic urine has been specially design by scientist to accurately mirror the female urine perfectly and in every way. So much so that even your doctor wouldn’t know if you didn’t tell him/her. It gives everyone involved in the water sports the entire feel good experience without having to worry about safety or hygiene.

If the female synthetic urine wasn’t perfectly matched to the real urine that a females body releases there would be no point in using it and people who want to experience the rush of the golden shower could simply pour soda on each other which might be a big turn on too but it is not the same thing as being peed on by your partner.

Another reason to use female synthetic urine and not the real thing is: Real urine contains bacteria that could prove to be dangerous for one or both partners. Bacteria can enter your body through your skin and cause serious infections and illnesses especially if real urine happens to get into your eyes or mouth during the excitement of the game. Using female synthetic urine is in every way much safer than the real thing and it copies the real thing to the point that you will believe it’s real.

The final reason for buying female synthetic urine has to do with the odor that real urine tends to leave behind for days after a glorious golden shower, or two, or even three.  If you have ever experienced the fun of a golden shower then you already know that for days the room/rooms that you chose for play can be left with an odor for several days as real urine tends to get stronger with the passing of time female synthetic urine doesn’t do that. As a matter of fact synthetic urine stays fresh for months.

Some may find it hard to believe that scientists have come up with a better way for partners to enjoy the sexual experience of golden showers and do it safely, but it’s true. Even harder to believe is the fact that it is totally affordable. Female synthetic urine comes in many different sizes and different containers that help to increase the amount of pleasure that is derived from its use.

Join the many people who are visiting www.whizzinators.com and check out the many different varieties of human like synthetic urine that they carry. You be amazed to discover the Whizz Kit and the Quick Fix Urine, but that’s not all they have special containers that women can wear to hide the bottles and give the experience a more real feel.
Go ahead visit the website today and see if whizzinators.com can’t help you get your groove on in a better more exciting way.


With synthetic urine requirements on the rise female synthetic urine has become very important,I mean come on not only males require fake pee. Quick Fix 6.1 is the first and only complete synthetic urine in the current market that addresses the demand for both parties that will need to deliver a clean human like experience.Female urine kits come in three different forms the most popular being urineluck’s brand Quick Fix and the all new urine delivery system belts produced by whizzinators.The evident advantage of the whizz kit http://whizzinators.com/product/the-whizz-kit and lil whizz kit https://www.whizzinators.com/product/lil-whizz-kit is the fact that it can be wraped around your body and worn all day where as the fake urine such as Quick Fix must be placed on the body somewhere creative.

One of the nice features of the female synthetic urine kit such as the whizz kit and little whizz is that it comes standard with a 14 month shelf life and it can be heated and reheated multiple time without compromising the precise specs of the fake novelty urine.Whizzinators.com is the first site to provide both male and female pee kits that are fun effective and affordable.When choosing looking to buy a synthetic urine sample keep in mind it’s intended use and ask your self when do you really plan on using it with your partner or prank.

Urine belts such as the whizz kit and little whizz kit are the newest line out for females as they offer a small tube which feeds off the urine bag which allows the user to cut it to size so if you want a small tube that can be pulled out of ones zipper you simply trim it down but if you want the full length urine tube you can simply leave it as factor stock.Another feature which sets the whizz kit apart from the lil whizz kit is the ability to refill for future use,simply purchase some extra synthetic urine and the whizz kit can be refilled in minutes why the lil whizz kit is simply a onr time clean urine use.

With so many options for males to buy synthetic urine we have given female users 2 options to join in the fun so with 200% confidence behind every kit we sell pick up an adjustable whizz kit which works for females users in any circumstance.