Dehydrated urine has become more and more popular, with multiple uses this powdered urine is in high demand, There are times when a person is going to need a clean sample of urine. There are many pranks that involve urine and it is important that they be free of bacteria. Many people find the whizzinator devices very useful. The site not only caries the device but the urine to fill it with as well. There are many urine refill kits and dehydrated  urine to use with this device.
One of the most popular products on this site is called golden shower. This product is dehydrated urine that comes in the form of a powder. The urine power is mixed with a specific amount of water to make it look like real human urine.  Directions are included on how to mix the urine powder. This urine can be used with the whizzinator or whizzinator kits. When mixed properly a person cannot tell the difference between looking at this and looking at real human urine.  The power is easy to carry and take on the road for last minute use. As long as a person has water and a device to dispense this urine in they are ready to go. After the urine powder is mixed with water it is suggested that a person use a heating pad so it can warm up to body temperate.  Since the dehydrated urine is made from a power is it clean and bacteria free to use in all kinds of jokes or sexual acts.
If a person is looking for something other then urine in the powder form another popular product is Quick Fix 6.1. This kit contain two packs or synthetic urine that is ready to use.  This urine can also be used in the whizzinator and whizzinator devices. Each package of Quick fix is individually sealed for separate occasions. This formula has passed several lab test to resemble real human urine.  The urine is also designed to match the ph level of real urine. This way no one will be able to tell it is fake unless the users informs them. This product is guaranteed or a person will get their money back. This urine can be used for both male and female purposes. There are no hormones or differences in composition. Each kit contain not only two bottles of synthetic urine but a squeeze bottle to dispense along with a heating pad to bring it up to body temperature.  There is also a temperature strip to make sure the urine stays warm enough to use.
For a person that needs synthetic and other forms of fake urine right away has options for overnight shipping. The synthetic urine and powdered urine have many uses. They are great for playing jokes on people without anyone getting too mad. They can also be used for sexual reasons if the people are into that. These forms or urine are a safe alternative to the real thing. They work well with many different devices and can help a person when needed without anyone having to know the urine is fake.