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The whizzinator is a great way to enjoy a sexual experience by using clean synthetic urine. Individual’s that want to share an experience can purchase the whizzinator and quick fix packet at a web site store on the Internet. Our website offers the Quick Fix kits containing two packs of two ounces and the Quick Fix kits ten packs with two or three ounces. We offer guaranteed discreet shipping on all products throughout the United States.Whizzinator Touch delivery systems are the most realistic human like urine experience one can purchase online or in stores.Whizzinator Touch urine kits come in five real life skin tones that look feel and deliver a real male urinating experience.If you are looking to buy a synthetic urine belt and play a real life prank this kit just be the one for you with some additional bottles of Quick Fix urine.

An alternative usage of Quick Fix kits is to provide a pleasurable experience without the hassles of worrying about sexual transmitted diseases. The whizzinator comes with special strap to be worn under lingerie and clothing along with the packet of synthetic urine. The whizzinator or synthetic, realistic penis delivers clean quick fix synthetic urine. The whizzinator comes in five realistic colors to resemble the human body. The whizzinator comes with a one-way valve that has an on and off safety clip so that it is able to complete the total transport system. A complete kit also includes a guide for proper ways to use it and four heating packets to maintain the right temperature once it is placed inside the whizzinator for the total of eight to ten hours. The synthetic urine is laboratory quality which has the correct balance of ph, cretin, and color. The product is made with no metal so there is no rusting and no health risk. The whizzinator should be kept clean but does not reuse the quick fix packets. Empty the packets of synthetic urine and throw away the bag after being used

The whizzinator is made for men and/or women that are from the ages of eighteen years old and older. People will find that purchasing from our web site not only convenient, free shipping and the best prices compared to other online Internet stores. Our company provides numerous products that are used in sexual fetish like experiences for the body to maintain a healthy sexual lifestyle. Purchasing this product by signing in at our web store and place it in the shopping cart for check out. Our company provides a phone number to call experts to answer questions about detox or find us on the social network sites. We accept Internet payments.



More and more people are ready to explore their sexual side and what not a better way to start than the whizzinator touch urine kit. For those of you that have been living in a cave most of your life, a whizzinator resembles a fake penis. It straps around a person’s waist. This strap can adjust to a waist of up to fifty-four inches. The whizzinator contains a pouch of synthetic urine. A test cannot tell the difference between synthetic urine and real urine from the body. A person can buy a whizzinator when they have a sudden need for a golden shower experience.
The whizzinator is a unique device. The fake penis comes in five different colors to match many skin tones. The colors include white, black, brown, and tan. The whizzintor does not discriminate. It is designed to help people of all races. The synthetic urine is heated up by natural body heat. When a person buys a whizzinator it includes heating pads. These pads can be attached to the skin by adhesive strips. The patch should be worn for a period of at least one hour to bring the urine to the natural temperature of the body. The urine will then stay at body temperature for up to eight hours.
When using the whizzinator a all a person has to do is squeeze the top of the fake penis. This will open a valve which will release the urine. There is a switch at the base of the penis that also has to be set. This was designed to help prevent accidental leakage. Once a person has used the amount of urine they need the switch is flipped back to stop the flow.
This whizzinator cannot be figured out by the person who is getting urinated on. When in need of a quick fix for clean urine a person should buy a whizzinator. It is easy to use, will not attract attention and you and your partner can relax and enjoy the golden shower session.