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The Whizzinator touch kit Includes

(1) Whizzinator Strap-On XXX- The prosthetic penis with vinyl pouch attached, vinyl pouch has temperature strip and straps on like a jock strap (fits up to a 54 inch waist)

(1) Golden Shower vial of synthetic urine-dehydrated/powder synthetic urine, to be mixed with water

(1) Syringe-To fill and refill the pouch attached to the whizzinator with the synthetic urine

(4) Heating Pads-The provided heating pads have adhesive strips that will attach to one side of the pouch with the other side of the pouch in contact with the wearer’s skin. Takes approx one hour to heat to lifelike temperatures of 96-100 degrees fahrenheit. The pouch of synthetic urine will then stay at the correct temperature for about 8hrs or more between the body heat and the heat pad.

(1) Set of Instructions-One complete detailed instruction manual to make using the whizzinator a breeze.


Whizzinators.com is proud to sell the newly released model of the Whizzinator the Whizzinator Touch. This model is operated by squeezing the head of the penis from top and bottom to release the flow. Inside the head of the penis is a “pressure release valve” which opens up when you squeeze it. Our original Whizzinator was operated by flipping a switch at the base of the prosthetic, that switch is still there but it is now a safety switch. Like the safety on a firearm, the switch is used to prevent the accidental discharge of the synthetic urine when unintended pressure is applied to the head of the prosthetic. You flip it up and out to turn the safety off and you flip it down and in to turn the safety on. With every kit you have the option of choosing between the following colors, white, tan, latino, brown or black.

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White, Tan, Latino, Brown, Black


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