Whizz Kit synthetic urine belt

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The Whizz Kit synthetic urine belt Includes

(1) %100 Cotton elastic waistband belt with a velcro strip-This strap Can be wrapped around and worn anywhere on the wearer’s body, fits up to a 54inch waist and extensions are available

(1) Vinyl pouch with velcro strip preloaded with over three ounces of the Golden Shower Synthetic Urine-The Synthetic urine that comes inside the bag stays good for 1 year or 24hrs after it is exposed to air. Pouch is refillable and detachable from belt with ease for cleaning or future use.

(1) Syringe-One syringe comes with every sealed kit so at anytime you can simply fill and refill vinyl pouch on your whizz kit.

(2) Heat Pads- Two heating pads come standard with the whizz and little whizz kit and can be used as an extra source of heat to ensure the synthetic piss stays warm. When worn close against the skin as recommended the urine will stay warm all day long.

(1) Set of Instructions

This product contains pre mixed uric acid

Our most popular kit by far is the whizz kit synthetic urine belt offered at we are proud to deliver the only prefilled and refillable synthetic urine device for males and female users. The benefit of the little whizz kit being able to be refilled is that the customer will be able to put any liquid they’d like into the device, where as with nonrefillable devices the customer is restricted to the synthetic urine that is provided by the manufacturer. You may have seen such a product made by imitators but be aware this is the only refillable product on the market today. The whizz kits works best with Quick Fix synthetic urine the #1 selling synthetic urine in the world. The urine contents that comes with the kit is lab tested for purity and will be good for one full year from the time you receive it. Another great feature on the female whizzinator is that the tube can be cut to length simple by raising the two clips. You have the ability to have a tube running off the bag with as little as two inches to two feet your choice.

The best way to wear the whizz kit is to place the urine bag against your abdomen for males or against you back for females. The simply cut the tubes to the desired length. Once you have established a comfort zone for wearing or hiding your kit you simply undo the silent clips and let the warm pee flow out.

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