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Quick Fix 6.1 synthetic urine 2oz

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Product Description

Quick Fix 6.1 is a synthetic urine kit that works will all whizzinator toys including the famous female whizzinator better know as the whizz kit! Quick Fix 6.1 is balanced with the exact level of ph, creatine, specific gravity and color to ensure your urine experience is exact. Quick Fix 6.1 is a 2oz bottle of human like urine that is easy to use and has a 2 year shelf life. Regular urine contains bacteria but Quick Fix synthetic urine mimics the look of regular urine and provides a cleaner healthier way to play with your partner. Directions for proper use of you quick fix urine kit are located below.

  • Remove the cap from the Quick Fix box and place it in the microwave for 10 seconds
  • Remove the bottle and put the squirt cap on and shake well
  • Activate the heating pad and apply it to the back of the bottle opposite of the temp strip
  • Secure your heating pad with the rubber band provided
  • You now have 7 hours of urine that is 98 degrees
  • Please play responsibly

Consider our synthetic urine leg strap if you need to conceal your bottle. The urine leg strap is comfortable and will also help keep the kit warm for random use.


This is the new Quick Fix 6.1 version which contains pre mixed uric acid in every bottle. Good for any situation in every location.


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