Female Synthetic Urine A Better Way To Play

Are you one of the many people who love a warm wet golden shower but hate the smell that lingers for days sometimes afterwards or are you concerned with the safety of your favorite water sport? There’s an easy way to eliminate those worries so that you and your partner can have a much better sexual experience and concentrate on the secret games that you enjoy playing with each other. It’s called “female synthetic urine” and it works just like real female urine only better, safer, and cleaner.

Three Good Reasons To Use Synthetic Urine

The new and improved female synthetic urine has been specially design by scientist to accurately mirror the female urine perfectly and in every way. So much so that even your doctor wouldn’t know if you didn’t tell him/her. It gives everyone involved in the water sports the entire feel good experience without having to worry about safety or hygiene.

If the female synthetic urine wasn’t perfectly matched to the real urine that a females body releases there would be no point in using it and people who want to experience the rush of the golden shower could simply pour soda on each other which might be a big turn on too but it is not the same thing as being peed on by your partner.

Another reason to use female synthetic urine and not the real thing is: Real urine contains bacteria that could prove to be dangerous for one or both partners. Bacteria can enter your body through your skin and cause serious infections and illnesses especially if real urine happens to get into your eyes or mouth during the excitement of the game. Using female synthetic urine is in every way much safer than the real thing and it copies the real thing to the point that you will believe it’s real.

The final reason for buying female synthetic urine has to do with the odor that real urine tends to leave behind for days after a glorious golden shower, or two, or even three.  If you have ever experienced the fun of a golden shower then you already know that for days the room/rooms that you chose for play can be left with an odor for several days as real urine tends to get stronger with the passing of time female synthetic urine doesn’t do that. As a matter of fact synthetic urine stays fresh for months.

Some may find it hard to believe that scientists have come up with a better way for partners to enjoy the sexual experience of golden showers and do it safely, but it’s true. Even harder to believe is the fact that it is totally affordable. Female synthetic urine comes in many different sizes and different containers that help to increase the amount of pleasure that is derived from its use.

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