What is synthetic urine better known as Quick Fix Urine?

Synthetic urine is a laboratory grade synthetic urine with exact traits that mimic the compounds found in the human body, Quick Fix 6.1 synthetic urine is PH balanced and contains specific gravity, color and foam making it the real thing. Looking for the ultimate wet sex expreience? Use Quick Fix Urine to ensure a clean natural experience.

How do I use the whizzinator to start and stop the urination process?

Very simply hold the whizzinator with one hand and apply pressure to the head of the prosthesis with your thumb placing your index finger below as if you were pinching down a clip, Once you pinch the head of the whizzinator the synthetic urine will start to flow and as soon as you let go the urine will stop flowing. The whizzinator touch is the same as the old whizzinator it does come with a safety switch to ensure no urine leaks when not in use. This new model of the whizzinator replaces the old discontinued version of the original whizzinator and is much easier to operate.

Can I use my whizzinator to pass a drug screen?

Whizzinators are designed for novelty use only! It is the ultimate wet sex experience, whizzinators.com does not condone nor promote the illegal use of the whizzinator nor Quick Fix synthetic urine. If caught using the whizzinator to cheat a drug screen or your wife you may face fines or prosecution! So please use the whizzinator responsibly and follow all applicable state and Federal laws.

How much urine can I fit inside my whizzinator?

The whizzinator touch holds approx 4oz of urine perfect for the normal Quick Fix 2oz bottle or the bigger 3oz Quick Fix plus. We recommend you do not over fill the whizzinator or fill it to the max as this can possibly break the urine bag.

Do I use hand or dish soap to clean my urine bag after use?

NO! Simply rinse your bag with clean tap water and no soap to ensure you do not contaminate the urine bag, by properly cleaning your whizzinator you pro long the life of your bag and always ensure a clean urine experience.

How does my whizzinator urine stay warm?

The whizzinator does come with 4 sticky heating pads which will bring the urine to temp, but it is really a combination of the heating pads and body temperature the ensure your urine stays at bod temperature and delivers a real human like experience.

How long will my synthetic urine last?

The dehydrated urine provided with the whizzinator has a 1 year shelf life and the pre mixed synthetic urine Quick Fix 6.1 has a 2 year shelf life if you need some pre mixed refills.

Will the whizzinator fit me?

The whizzinator is designed to fit almost anyone male or female with an elastic adjustment fitting up to a 54″ waist.

Is there a female whizzinator designed for women?

Yes, in fact our whizz kit refillable and little whizz kit non refillable is a female whizzinator designed for there use specifically. Females can cut the tube attached to the bag to length and adjust the clips up higher. Once the whizz kit belt is on it can be worn by running the kit tube down your butt crack so when you sit down to pee it is not visible.