A person never knows when they will have to give a sample of urine. The whiz kits can provide a sample of fake pee for women. This product and others can be found at www.whizzinators.com. There are many synthetic urine kits that women as well as men can use. When ordering any fake urine kits from this website or any other of their products they all come with a fast overnight shipping option for those that need it immediately.

There are a variety of kits that contain fake pee for women. The Lil Whizz kit contains a vinyl pouch that is filled with  four ounces of synthetic urine. There is also a temperature strip to tell a person when the fake urine is near normal urine  temperature.  There is a heat pouch that is designed to keep the urine warm. This pouch straps onto a person’s waist with an elastic band. It will not show under clothing. This pouch is not refillable and should be used only one time. Like other kit’s the synthetic urine is good for one year. There are complete directions to show the urine will be released properly. This kit is the first one time use urine kit that is available to people in the United States.

For those that may need a little more fake urine there are individual packages of synthetic urine. The urine includes tools to bring it up to body temperature. All of this urine is designed to mimic the characteristic of real urine. Many years of research has gone into developing this fake urine products. The urine  come with a money back guarantee. It is guaranteed to have all the features of real urine and no one will be able to tell the difference. Each package of urine comes with a temperature strip and heating pad so it can reach body temperature when needed. Additional heating pads are sold separately as well as straps to hold the touch of urine in place on the body.

Fake pee for woman can also come in a quick fix kit. This kit works well with all whizzinators and other urine dispensing devices that women can use.  The synthetic urine in this kit contain the exact level of ph, creatine, specific gravity, and color of urine that is produced in the body. This urine is easy to refilled any kit and has a shelf life of two years. This kit does not stay warm for long and there are specific directions for use. This urine has to be put in the microwave for a period of ten seconds. The urine is then placed in a dispensing device with a heating pad. When the directions are followed correctly this urine can stay at body temperature for a period of seven hours. This urine is an exact replica of real human urine. When purchasing urine and whizziantor kits from www.whizzinator.com be sure to take advantage of the overnight shipping options.  This synthetic urine is good for a number of situation and be sure to use it with care.

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